You Are My Sunshine…..

When I started stamping spoons over a year ago, I did it as a way to express myself.  I stamped sayings that I knew I loved and hoped others did too.  My hand stamped spoons and forks sold really well and then an interesting thing started to happen.  My customers started telling me their stories and started ordering custom spoons and forks so they could express themselves as well.


The spoons above are a sweet example of the wonderful stories I get to hear.  A dear lady saw my spoons in the Provisions: Home Store in Roswell, Georgia.  She called me and said she had purchased the spoon that says, “You are my Sunshine”.  She has twin nieces that she is very close to and they visit her for a week each year.  On one of these visits she was singing “You are my Sunshine” as it had become their song.  When the Aunt was with one of her twin nieces, the niece told her that she didn’t want to be her Sunshine, she wanted to be her Moonlight instead.  Seeing this as a way to differentiate the girls, as twins love to do, her Aunt now sings each of them their own individual song.  To one she sings, “You are My Sunshine” and to the other she sings, “You are My Moonlight”.  I am so glad my spoons could be a part of this lovely tradition.

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