I am udderly in love with Moo…..

I discovered the site for Moo Cards, www.moo.com a couple of weeks ago and was really excited about the possibilities with the Mini Moo Cards.  For those of you not familiar with Moo Cards, it is a publishing site on line that specializes in really cool, trendy business cards.  The mini cards that they offer are half the size of business cards and I was drawn to them because of their unique size and shape.  With these cards, I wanted to come up with a totally Moo idea for marketing at all my point of sale locations. (no groaning allowed)


As I started playing with the Mini Moo Cards, I discovered the most amazing, wonderful and unique thing about Moo Cards.  They have  a feature that they call Infinity Printing that allows you to create your cards with a different picture on each card in the pack.  In other words, if you order a pack of 100 cards, you can have up to 100 different images in each pack of cards.  This was moosic to my ears because this feature allows me, as an artist,  to include my whole portfolio into one pack of business cards.  When you are handing them out you would hand out the card to the customer with the item that they are most interested in.  So here are some of the items that I picked to include in my pack.


So then I started thinking.  How could I share my whole herd of cards at the same time?  As an artist, I want to be able to show a sampling of all my work at my stores and at arts festivals.  I also do some celebrity gifting and I would love to include pictures of many things that I have made without taking up much room in my package.   So then my brain started mooving in a funny direction.  I decided to pull some of my ball chain since it is relatively inexpensive and play with my cards a bit.


Then Holy Cow, I had a brain storm.  What if I punched a hole in the top of each card and used just a tiny portion of the chain to create a little flip book.


IMG_6281I decided that this may be my cash cow.  I would be able to distribute these really cute flip books to all my wholesale customers and send them off in my celebrity gifting packages.  I did discover that they were a little to expensive to hand out  to just any heifer.  Since I did ten different cards, I only got 10 flip books out of a pack of 100 mini cards.


So, I hope my cow jokes weren’t too over the top and that you may have picked up some ideas that you can use.  For those of you who leave a comment to this post, Moo-chas gracias!

6 thoughts on “I am udderly in love with Moo…..

  1. Moo-ve over world; here comes Helen! What delightful, creative ideas you have. Brings me joy to see what you will come out with next! I vote you the Queen of Creative.

  2. love the idea of a flip book. I use them for my jewelry tags. I use a pin to punch 2 holes to hang earrings and a small hole punch, put a ribbon through the hole and tie onto the design piece.

  3. I could in the “graze” upon your beautiful jewelry all day. In the “pasture” designs have been so creative, and these cards will really show them off. You’ll have to “milk” it for many years:)

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