Jolie the Wonder Dog

Jolie is my Studio Dog and she follows me around all day as I make beads, wire wrap jewelry and do housework.  Today she was not following me around like she usually does so I went looking for her.  I looked in all the rooms in the house to no avail.  Then I heard something rustling in Laura’s laundry basket and there she was.  Apparently, She had climbed up on the sofa and then leaped into the basket.  She seemed very happy so I didn’t bother her.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


  1. I love that Jolie girl!

  2. My little Angel likes to sleep in my laundry basket too. Just like a cat, but don’t tell her that! She’s a rescued mini chihuahua.

  3. Russell Kemp says:

    She loves all things laundry. When she boards at the vet, they learned quickly that she gets very excited about laundry and the let her “help”. What a great dog!

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