Jolie the Wonder Dog

Jolie is my Studio Dog and she follows me around all day as I make beads, wire wrap jewelry and do housework.  Today she was not following me around like she usually does so I went looking for her.  I looked in all the rooms in the house to no avail.  Then I heard something rustling in Laura’s laundry basket and there she was.  Apparently, She had climbed up on the sofa and then leaped into the basket.  She seemed very happy so I didn’t bother her.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4 thoughts on “Jolie the Wonder Dog

  1. My little Angel likes to sleep in my laundry basket too. Just like a cat, but don’t tell her that! She’s a rescued mini chihuahua.

  2. She loves all things laundry. When she boards at the vet, they learned quickly that she gets very excited about laundry and the let her “help”. What a great dog!

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