Pansies in Pumpkins

I managed to get this project done and the photo taken this morning before the rain.  Steps in completing this project are:

1) Get your supplies together.  Pumpkins, a flat of pansies, potting soil and a drill are what you will need.

2) Take your drill and drill a big circle on the top of the pumpkin where you will take off the stem and make an opening for the pansies.   Remove the upper portion of the pumpkin and stem and clean out your pumpkin.  Drill several 1/2″ holes in the bottom of the pumpkin for drainage.

3) Water your pansies.

4) Fill your pumpkins half way with dirt and water your dirt.  Let excess water drain.  Fill up your pumpkin almost to the top with more dirt.

5) Plant your pansies.

I always rate my projects on a scale from one to five.  A one means only do this project if you have Martha Stewart and her staff at your disposal.  A five means this project is great fun and the supplies are easy to find.  I give this project a three.  It was a lot of fun and I love the outcome but it required a good bit of effort and made a big mess.  Going to clean up my mess now.  I hope you like my pumpkins.

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