What happened in Charleston needs to stay in Charleston

If there is one thing that both Conservative Americans and Liberal Americans can agree upon, it is that the horrific shooting that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina should never be repeated.  In the aftermath of this shooting that killed 9 innocent people and destroyed any threads of innocence that we had left about mass shootings, how do we critically look at what happened and try to keep this poison from spreading to other communities?

So how does a 21 year old young man start to think that going into a church and shooting 9 innocent people is a great idea?  He had a difficult childhood, had dropped out of school and had few job prospects.  He is quoted as saying at the time of the murders, “I have to do it.  You rape our women and you’re taking over our country.  And you have to go.”  He was referring to the African American community as the culprits.

I think there was a huge web of failures in the shooter’s life that led to this day where he committed  the unthinkable.  I also believe what set the fire to the flame was our incessant need here in the South to romanticize a really horrible period in History.  The shooter was someone who felt very powerless and he was someone who was involved in racist hate groups.  These hate groups are fringe elements in the South who spread the message that the South was a lovely place until the African American community was granted citizenship and the rights that go along with that.

How is it that there are still pockets of racist hate groups that have the power to incite terror and hate?  I think that question is key to expunging the racial hatred and bitterness that still remains in the South.  We need to own our history.  We need to accept that there are parts of our history that are shameful and should never be repeated.  We need to take responsibility for our mistakes.  Luckily, South Carolina showed much leadership in doing just that by removing the symbol of that hatred from their capitol.  It has been a long time in coming and there is still much work to be done.  But by removing that flag, I believe we said that the South has had enough hatred, at least for today.

Tale of Two Wolves

One evening, An elderly

Cherokee brave told his

Grandson about a battle that

goes on inside people.

He said, “My son, the battle is

between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.

One is evil and the other is good.

The Grandson thought about it

for a minute and then asked

his grandfather:

“Which wolf wins?…”

The Old Cherokee simply replied,

“The one that you feed”

Meet Skipper and Mate


My friend and fellow glass artist Maureen McRorie made both of these darling Glass Sculptural Blowfish and I am the lucky one who snagged them and brought them home.  Maureen and her husband Lance own http://www.flametreeglass.com in Roswell Georgia where they sell finished glass sculpture, beads and teach workshops.  If you are in the area and interested in glass, you should go check them out.

Why I can’t recommend Mrs Garmin


At first the relationship was bliss.  It was the kind of coupling where I could depend on Mrs Garmin to let me know when I had strayed off my path.  Everyone needs someone like that in their lives.  Someone to keep them focused and on track. Then I started to notice an edge to Mrs […]

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Fused Glass, Color and Style, Summer Glass Class


I teach glass classes about once a month at 425 Market Place Antiques in Roswell, Georgia.  They are a blast to teach and it is always fun to bring home their pieces and kiln them.  They always looks very different after several hours at 1800 degrees.  Here are the pieces that my last glass made. […]

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You Are My Sunshine…..


When I started stamping spoons over a year ago, I did it as a way to express myself.  I stamped sayings that I knew I loved and hoped others did too.  My hand stamped spoons and forks sold really well and then an interesting thing started to happen.  My customers started telling me their stories […]

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I am udderly in love with Moo…..


I discovered the site for Moo Cards, http://www.moo.com a couple of weeks ago and was really excited about the possibilities with the Mini Moo Cards.  For those of you not familiar with Moo Cards, it is a publishing site on line that specializes in really cool, trendy business cards.  The mini cards that they offer are […]

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Gallery 35 in Alpharetta, Georgia


One of my favorite places where my artwork can be purchased is Gallery 35 in Alpharetta Georgia. The thing that sets this gallery apart from other galleries is that it is filled with local artists only and it has art in a wide range of mediums.  The mediums include  Art Glass, Photography, Pottery, Soap, Mosaic, […]

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Shards of Glass by Marta Klonowska


Marta Klonowska is know for her edgy glass animals that she creates with jagged pieces of glass shards. She begins her compositions by building a metal structure that is then carefully covered with glass. Three- dimensional forms emerge from hundreds of two-dimensional fragments woven into the metal structure. Klonowska says of her work, “My animal […]

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A pen that writes in 3-D, no paper needed.

This is really pretty neat. Remember Harold and the Purple Crayon? Here is a pen that Harold would love, it actually writes in 3-D, no paper needed. It’s going to cost $79.

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Gifting to the Stars

What do Megan Fox, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Claire Danes, Adele, Jessica Simpson, Gisele Bundchen and Penelope Cruz have in common besides being celebrities?  They are all receiving this necklace from Helen’s Adornments in a gift bag to celebrate Mother’s Day. There is a story in how this transpired, so let’s start at the beginning.  A […]

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